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Jon Warfield Harrison

Jon Warfield Harrison is a Director of Photography based in San Francisco with a passion for visual storytelling. Jon seeks to never stop learning new ways to help actualize stories through different methods of lighting and camera techniques whether it be on celluloid or a digital sensor.


Alba Roland Mejia

Alba Roland Mejia is a writer, producer, and director based in Oakland, CA. She recently received her her masters degree of Fine Arts in Cinema at San Francisco State University with a focus in directing narrative. Alba's work focuses on the African diaspora and strives to capture the true essence of storytelling by pulling from real life experiences.​

My Own Mecca is a story of a young man, Dre, and his relationship with his vessel. We learn how he must contort into different versions of himself in order to navigate through his world.  The plot follows Dre living his day to day life in Oakland, California. Dre and his wife, Anyssa, are soon to be moving to a new location but are struggling to find the right spot due to the high rent in the Bay Area.
Runtime 10:54
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Ashley Nicole Valenzuela

Ashley is a hardworking and visionary filmmaker from San Jose, CA. She currently works as a camera assistant in the film industry and is passionate about being a cinematographer as her ultimate career title. She is always open-minded and ready to take on any challenges and opportunities. She has been working behind the camera since 2014.


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"Homesick" as about a young woman, who is forced to deal with emotional changes when she has to move out of her childhood home.
Runtime 11:55

Um Ensaio Sobre a Ausência

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David Aynan 

David Aynan has a degree in Cinema and Audiovisual from the Federal University of Recôncavo da Bahia. He works in direction, sound designer, scriptwriting and editing. He is a
founding member of the “Movimento de Cinema Negro Tela Preta” (Black Screen Black Film Movement), and was a board member of “APAN” (Association of Black Audiovisual
Professionals) between 2016 and 2019.

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Edvaldo Raw

Edvaldo Raw, raised and born in Salvador/BA, is a cinematographer and director, has your work divided in the various forms of storytelling, making shortfilms, music videos, TV series and many more. With his work, he has won national and international festivals such as "Music Video Festival Brasil" and "Panorama Coisas de Cinema

Rômulo, 42, lives a hard daily life in search of his own livelihood. Without a job and without prospects, he suffers from the absent relationship he establishes with his daughters, imposed by distance, the lack of resources, and his condition as a black man.
Runtime 15:00
Black Water



Mariana Campos

Cineasta carioca, graduada em Produção Audiovisual pela UNESA e formada em Direção
Cinematográfica pela Escola de Cinema Darcy Ribeiro. Em sua filmografia, destaque-se a direção do
filme ''Tia Ciata'', premiado em diversos festivais nacionais e internacionais, como London Feminist
Film Festival e Festival Internacional de Curtas do Rio de Janeiro. E o filme ''Minha História é Outra'',
que atualmente circula por festivais ao redor do mundo, como Berlin Feminist Film Week e,
recentemente premiado como melhor filme nacional pelo júri popular no Recifest - Festival de
Cinema da Diversidade Sexual e de Gênero.

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Is love between black women more than a love story? Niázia opens her home to share the
most important layers in the search for that answer. Law student Leilane presents us with the
challenges and possibilities of building a journey of affection with Camila.
Runtime 22:00
Storm Clouds

A Lo-Fi Blues


Ed Ntiri

Ed Ntiri is a writer, photojournalist and filmmaker who has been based in the Bay Area since 2007. His photography and writing have been featured in Vice Magazine, WaxPoetics Magazine, Huffington Post, Oakland Museum of CA and the Berkeley Art Museum. In 2017, Ed wrote and directed his first short film, Snow Mountain, which won audience choice awards at the SF Urban and Liberated Lens film festivals. His first feature length screenplay, A Lo-Fi Blues was awarded the SFFILM Rainin Grant for screenwriting in 2019. He is currently completing a SFFILM House Residency in 2020.

A Lo-Fi Blues is the story of an aging blues musician who believes that his late wife is trapped inside of a song and discovers that she has been kidnapped by a crew of lo-fi hip-hop producers in Oakland, California.
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