Played By

Marsalis Burton

Dre is a 24yr old Black American living in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has a great sense of humor and loves having a great time, although he has a level of seriousness to him that allows him to look at life with a deeper perspective. Dre has some community college education and dressers in casual clothing. Although while college-educated he allows himself to still stay embedded in the culture of his neighborhood and not always speak what is often referred to as “proper English”. Dre has a love and appreciation for Bay Area culture and hip hop, so through expressions, he speaks with some slang. 



Played By

Rachelle Highbrou

Anyssa is far beyond the phase of trying to please society.  She has accepted the fact that no matter how calm she acts, she always be perceived as the aggressive black girl.  The promiscuous being. She is used to being followed while shopping, her coworkers constantly looking over her shoulder, the invasive white men on BART who will stare as long as it takes for her to glance back. They stare until they are satisfied. Until they have claimed territory in her mind. This has taught her how to properly navigate through life. Walk slowly. Speak softly. Not for their acceptance, but for her own peace of mind. To safely get to work and back. “Sometimes she says, ‘the more success you have, the more threatening you appear.’” In response, she ironically makes herself appear less capable in order to get ahead in life. 



Played By

Errick Thompson

Walt is a man in his late 20’s living born and raised in the Bay Area. He makes small but comedic gestures around even in the most intense situations. He carries himself as a man that is fears nobody and while he’s aware that the perception of Black men in America is going against him, he remains focused and ambitious; thus allowing him to feel comfortable in any situation. Walt is the type of person to always stand by his family and close friends. If you are in his circle he’s willing to go to hell and back for you.